C  A  V  E  N  D  I  S  H



Cavendish NanoTherapeutics (CNT) offers medical systems aimed at improving the outcome of cancer treatment. CNT’s “go-to-market” treatment protocol is given as an adjunct to standard of care cancer therapies, is easily integrated with current clinical practices and can improve the overall therapy outcome by 15 to 20% and reduce the cost. 

CNT is marketing a line of products, starting with the MagTherm® system, which can be in the future upgraded to the NanoMagTherm® system. 

The “go-to-market” MagTherm® system is based on magnetic technology and utilizes mild, non-ionising electromagnetic irradiation. 

The NanoMagTherm® system offers higher targeting ability of the therapy, by utilizing nanocomplexes, developed with a proprietary method, comprised of magnetic nanoparticles and anticancer drug compounds that can be injected directly into the tumours. 

CNT was set up in 2011 in Cambridge, UK and its directors are affiliated with the University of Cambridge. 

Clinical tests have demonstrated a significant reduction of tumour size and/or an increase in the survival rates of patients with various types of cancers, such as liver, breast, colorectal and trophoblastic. The range of tumours that can be attacked, demonstrates the wide applicability of CNT’s platform and disruptive technology.

CNT is offering a number of other products and consumables, such as specially synthesised magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic nanocomplexes comprised of nanoparticles and anti-cancer drug compounds, specially developed permanent magnets, electromagnet coils used to modify milling systems and power supply units - see product page for further details. 

Clinical tests have been taking place at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Kiev, Ukraine.